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The brand was conceived out of the need for chic, classic work wear and power dresses for the Nigeria working woman. We then extended our focus to include more casual easy wear and then night wear.


Our aim is to revolutionize the modern working woman’s wardrobe. We want to create classic timeless clothing that can be worn year after year.

We are inspired by strong women around the world who are breaking boundaries, challenging the status quo and achieving greatness.

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The brand Adey Soile was birthed by Tinuade Soile.
She is inspired by the many amazing women around the world who have challenged the status quo and achieved the supposedly unachievable.


Having been interested, lived and schooled in different countries, she learned to appreciate and understand the richness of diverse cultures; breathing in elements each has to give. This appreciation influences her design and perspective.
Tinuade is passionate about women, inspiring them, empowering them and showing the world the strengths that lie within.

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